The Gimli Harbour Authority Rules and Regulations are in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of harbour users, visiting public and staff, as well as to protect the harbour facilities and property within from damage and abuse.  The following regulations apply to all visitors and registered harbour users:


  • Visitors and registered harbour users use the harbour facilities at their own risk.  Take precautions when on gravel and uneven surfaces.
  • Parking is limited or restricted in some areas. Tow away is enforced.
  • Follow directional signs located around the site and in construction zones.
  • Children must be supervised at all times and wear a personal floatation device when on piers, docks and wharves.
  • No swimming, diving or jumping in the harbour or off the Main Pier seawall.
  • No casting into the Harbour or toward boats.
  • Maximum speed limit in the Harbour is 9km/hr. All waterways within the Harbour boundary are designated “No Wake”.
  • Dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after. Dog bags can be found at the foot of the Main Pier.
  • Please dispose of garbage and recycling in containers located around the Harbour property. 

Registered boaters – Please read the Rules and Regulations that apply to GHA registered vessel owners.