All harbour users are reminded to use precautions when on Harbour property. Uneven surfaces on gravel paths and the Main pier can make walking difficult. Please make sure children are supervised at all times and wearing personal flotation devices when on the piers and docks. There is no swimming, diving or jumping in the harbour or off the Main Pier seawall.  Recreational fishing is popular on the Main pier but fishers are reminded to fish over the seawall on the outside the harbour. No casting into the harbour or toward boats.

Emergency Phone Numbers

*To report a life threatening situation or crime in progress                                                     


Marine Air Search & Rescue    1-800-267-7270

Canadian Coast Guard   204-642-6550

Small Craft Harbours   204-983-5721

RCMP   204-642-5104

Hospital   204-642-5116

Manitoba Conservation   204-945-4888

Report Poachers   1-800 782-0076

Harbour Masters - Cindy Blicq and Lori Hiscock   204-642-2374

Fuel or Environmental Spills

Report immediately to 1-800-889-8852, and contact the Gimli Harbour Authority at:

Gimli Harbour Authority Chairperson - Baldi Johannesson   204 642-3239

GHA Harbour Masters - Cindy Blicq or Lori Hiscock   204 642-2374


Also report within 24 hours to:

Industrial Accidents   1-800 263-8446

Fuel spill or Environmental Accident   1-800 265-0237

Fisheries and Oceans  1-519 383-1806