User fees apply to businesses and other commercial operations using the infrastructures and facilities of Gimli Harbour.  These include land based facilities such as the launch ramp, piers, marginal wharf, South parking lot, beaches and Harbour Hill, as well as space within the defined water lots. Businesses are required to complete an Application for Facility Use Permit, and provide certificates of insurance and a damage deposit.  Contractors, commercial users or anyone using Gimli Harbour for business purposes must sign in and out at the Harbour office.

All fees include a $15.75 non-refundable administration fee and are subject to 5% GST. Please refer to the fee schedule below.  Contact the Gimli Harbour office at 204-642-7517 more information

Crane Operator

Commercial Rates
Daily – $115.00
Seasonal – $265.00


Commercial Rates
Daily – $90.00
Seasonal – $265.00


Commercial Rates
Up to 2 Hours - $183.75   Up to 4 Hours - $330.75   Up to 12 Hours -$698.25 Seasonal - N/A

Conditions of Facility Use

  • Before using any GHA infrastructure and/or facility for commercial purposes, an Application for Facility Use must be submitted to and approved by the Gimli Harbour Authority. Evidence of insurance identifying the Gimli Harbour Authority and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) as riders on the policy, must also be submitted with the application. No work can begin without prior approval by the GHA.

  • A refundable security deposit of $200 will be submitted with the Application for Facility Use Permit;

  • The applicant will repair any damages suffered by the premises during its use and leave the premises in the same condition and state of repair it was in when entered;

  • The applicant will properly clean the premises after use and dispose of all refuse appropriately;

  • The applicant agrees to accept the premises in the condition they find them and whereby waive any claim which they or any of them may have with respect to any damage whatsoever arising out of or attributable to the condition of the premises;

  • The applicant shall pay all costs arising in connection with the use of the premises whether by way of heat, light or license fees or otherwise, and shall indemnify and save harmless Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada and Gimli Harbour Authority therefrom;

  • The applicant will indemnify and save harmless Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada and the Gimli Harbour Authority from and against all claims for damage of any and every kind, resulting from the use of the premises pursuant to this Permit.