Harbour Hill is located on the south end of the harbour property, which incorporates the Gimli waterfront path and offers scenic vistas of Lake Winnipeg and the harbour. This green space has an art installation, benches, and is connected to Viking Park and the 3rd Avenue breakwater to the south. Harbour Hill is also home to the Viking Village during the annual Icelandic Festival. Harbour Hill and other spaces in the harbour are available for group events and activities.  

User Fees

Harbour Hill fees apply to small and large group events such as weddings, wedding photos or other photo shoots, corporate or large family/team/group picnics or dinner celebrations. Use of Harbour Hill requires a permit issued by the Gimli Harbour Authority and damage deposit. Water and power are available. All fees include a $15.75 non-refundable administration fee and are subject to 5% GST. Contact the Gimli Harbour office at 204 642-7517 for more information. The Harbour website at www.gimliharbour.ca also has downloadable forms and information.

Contact the Gimli Harbour office for more information.

Individual / Not For Profit
Up to 2 hours – $94.50
Up to 4 hours – $162.75
All Day (12 hours) – $330.75

Commercial / Business / Corporate
Up to 2 hours – $183.75
Up to 4 hours – $330.75
All Day (12 hours) – $698.25

Overnight / Multiple Days
Please contact the Harbour Office for inquiries and licence information.

Conditions of Facility Use

  1. A security deposit of $200 will be submitted with the Application for Facility Use Permit;

  2. The applicant will repair any damages suffered by the premises during its use and leave the premises in the same condition and state of repair it was in when entered;

  3. The applicant will properly clean the premises after use and dispose of all refuse appropriately;

  4. The applicant agrees to accept the premises in the condition they find them and whereby waive any claim which they or any of them may have with respect to any damage whatsoever arising out of or attributable to the condition of the premises;

  5. The applicant shall pay all costs arising in connection with the use of the premises whether by way of heat, light or license fees or otherwise, and shall indemnify and save harmless Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada and Gimli Harbour Authority therefrom;

  6. The applicant will indemnify and save harmless Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada and the Gimli Harbour Authority from and against all claims for damage of any and every kind, resulting from the use of the premises pursuant to this Permit.