1. Every vessel owner must register and pay in full for the use of a berth before launching.  Vessel owners will be assigned a berth, be the sole user of the berth and not rent, loan or permit that berth to be used by anyone else. If a vessel is sold or changes hands, the new owner must apply for a berth and should understand that they may be assigned a different berth for the vessel.
  2. When berthed, vessel owners are responsible for safely securing their vessel and personal property. While efforts will be made to contact owners, the GHA reserves the right at any time to move a vessel berthed in the harbour, should the need arise, without previous arrangements with the owner.  The owner hereby appoints the GHA their agent for this purpose.
  3. Vessel owners are responsible for any damage or loss of Harbour property caused by them or their vessel, whether under their operation or that of a person on board.  Owners will be invoiced by the GHA for damages.
  4. Personal property (such as bicycles, barbeques, satellite receivers, chairs, tables, zodiacs, kayaks, paddleboats, inflatables, etc) must be stored on the vessel, or in a polypropylene or fibreglass dock box with rounded edges no larger than 50” long by 26” deep by 29” high, or in an area designated for user storage. No attachments or hardware shall be installed to docks without prior approval.
  5. Barbecues, devices with an open flame, and open fires are not allowed on docks or Harbour property.
  6. Pets shall be leashed, under control at all times and must be cleaned up after.
  7. Electrical, water and pump out services are available from May 15 to Oct 15, weather permitting. If services cannot be provided for any reason, harbour users will be notified.  Only marine grade electrical cords are allowed on the docks. Household extension cords or cords modified using hardware store products are not safe in a marine application and will be removed. 
  8. Gimli Harbour, as determined by the Canada Shipping Act, is a zero discharge harbour.  Therefore, no toilets or sewage shall be discharged or dumped into the harbour.  It is the responsibility of the vessel owner to ensure that their vessel is not capable of discharging into the harbour.  In the case of a dispute, the vessel will be inspected, in the presence of the vessel owner, by a GHA approved inspector. 
  9. Vessel owners are responsible for disposing of refuse in designated garbage and recycling containers. 
  10. Fueling vessels shall be done with every precaution to prevent spillage onto docks and/or water. Fuel and other hazardous materials spills must be reported immediately to 1-800-889-8852. Vessel owners are responsible for properly storing fuels, other flammable liquids, and for removing and disposing of oily rags and/or other flammable materials away from the harbour area. Used oil can be disposed of through the RM of Gimli Oil Recycling Program. Call Public Works at 204-642-6688 for information.
  11. All harbour users, family, guests, and hired contractors on GHA property and/or using its facilities do so at their own risk.  Vessels launched and/or berthed in the Gimli Harbour do so at the owners’ risk. Owners are responsible for ensuring that their vessels, accessories and other personal property do not endanger the safety and free passage of harbour users or other vessels. All vessels in the harbour shall respect the no wake regulation and not exceed 9 km/hr. 


Please note:

Registering for a berth and using the harbour and its facilities is meant as acceptance of and compliance with these rules and regulations. The Gimli Harbour Authority will review conditions of non-compliance and determine if a contract with the user should be suspended or terminated. The decision by the GHA will be communicated to the user and may require the immediate removal of their vessel and belongings from the harbour property. 

If you have questions, contact the Harbour Office.